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Hello beloved,

Because we are all stumbling through the void. Diving into bullshit trying to find ourselves. Find the self we lost in childhood dreams. As we slowly come back into remembering ourselves, we clumsily trip on our own feet and search desperately for someone who “gets it”. Anyone who you can just vibe with. Someone to help guide you to shore. To point us in the direction towards our best life, but most people keep pointing you to a bottle they hash tagged blessed next to. You want more. You want to feel things you’ve never felt. You want to understand what's happening to you and why you feel fucking crazy.

So like I said, I’m glad your here. The good news is the answers you’re looking for are here, but they are in you to. While finding knowledge and understanding is good, wisdom is better. As much as I can, I will help you try to find the you, you lost on the journey from child to adolescent. So don't worry or fret. Go ahead and take the weight of the world off your back. You don’t have to do anything but be you. In the most authentic and unapologetic version. The self, remembering Self. The sharing of our own story. That’s it. I have learned during my awakening process, with many nights of lost sleep and months of studying. Reading day in and day out. My poor spirit guides got the work out of the century with me, So now I share. I share to nourish the universe, to be a medium, a sage, and a bridge, I am a gateway to higher consciousness. So it’s a pleasure to vibe with you, Thanks for joining me as we both take this journey from whore to holy, & sinner to saint.

The time is now! Speak your truths!


Tylor Desantis

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“When it comes to art, it’s important not to hide the madness.”