If God is real; Why war? Why hate? Why disease?

Someone asked me if there’s a God why is does the world have so much hate, war, disease, illness, and devastation?


The answer is simple:

The world is NOT bad because God made it that way. The world is bad because WE, MAN, HUMAN BEINGS— made it that way.

You’re born perfect. Not knowing hate or racism or meanness. We as children learn this from the environment or parents were around. 


The world has sickness and illness because WE allow it. You know what gets rid of sickness and illness? Eating healthy, organically, and not eating meat. We are allowing these companies to feed us shitty food and garbage because we as consumers CHOOSE how the market is. BUT WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. We have a choice to raise our vibrations and when you do that you are less susceptible to illness. We don’t need all this medicine and bushit. Love can cure the whole world.


There is hate and intolerance because WE AS MAN have chosen to be assholes instead of following our intuition and listening to that divine spark that says, “Hey, this is a person. They have feelings just like me, a brain and a heart— just like me. They are human beings just like me.”

If you choose to allow hate to go on around you. If you allow people to be mean or rude or talk shit about others around you then you’d made this type of behavior okay and it’s NOT. That’s instant karma. 

You have a choice everyday to be Godly or not. To chose to do better. Make the world a better place. To be a nice person. To do something to make a difference. To do something to make the world a brighter place. If we don’t do this then who is at fault? Us or God? It’s easy to blame God for shit that we did. It’s easy to shift the blame instead of excepting the problem as something we did. Until we learn to take responsibility for our own actions the world will never change. One person CAN make a difference. If enough people came together, that one person becomes a group, and a group of people become a village, then a state, then a nation, than the world. We have to start remembering that the world is made up of a bunch of people who can and are somebodies. You have you believe in yourself and your power.


Finding God for me has aloud me to see that even when I was Atheist; I was only that because I didn’t agree with the hate and bullshit that I thought religion was.

As I TRUE BELIEVER, you have to look around and study all the religions to find out what’s bullshit and what’s not. What was put there to control people and what was actually written.

Galatians 3:21-25

New King James Version (NKJV)

23 But before faith came, we were kept under guard by the law, kept for the faith which would afterward be revealed.

24 Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. 25 But after faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.

If the law is “Love thy neighbor, as I have loved you.”

And you’ve done this.

Then the Holy Spirit will REVEAL to you the TRUTH. But you have to seek it. It is NOT just given to you. Now as it has been given to me BY GOD, BY THE HOLY SPIRIT— I am now, no longer under a teacher, I can freely teach about God because it was REVEALED to me..

I am no longer concerned with what other people think of me. I only care what God thinks. I know what I say is true. I know the Holy Spirit was inside of me and shown me things. If you can’t believe God did that than maybe your God is too small.. maybe thats not God at all. That’s your ego or the Church or the lies they told. God doesn’t take Blind Faith. God is very very real and manifest and speaks to you in very clear ways.

The Bible is NOT up for interpretation. It’s only suppose to be taught how God wanted it taught. Christianity isn’t the only religion I believe in. I believe in ALL of them. They are all different interpretations of people’s spiritual paths and if I didn’t have pure evidence from different religions I wouldn’t believe in religion either. What was revealed to me was for me to know God. If you seek truth, it will be revealed to you too.

I know the moment I asked Jesus into my heart I felt him wrap me up in his love to protect me from these evil spirits and bullshit.

Our bodies are only energy. We are open energy nodes. The earth is an energy grid. These are facts. My energy and frequency is so high my phone does not work most of the time.

And on a side note: I also used to have sleep paralysis before I asked Jesus in my heart. I no longer have that.

Like I said, God is real. I am a prophet. I am hear to bear witness of Jesus Christ and Gods love. I am here to tell you the end of time is coming. If you don’t agree just good the A.I. They are building. We will eventually kill ourselves with the technology.

I know I am eternal and I will live forever with God. I’m not scared to die anymore. I know the truth. I’m not scared of people’s judgements— I am a wolf among sheep.


I am here if anyone wants to talk. Anyone. I would love to speak to you about God with anyone who’s open to listen to the truth.

God bless. ❤️