Pattern of Everything


Before you come into this body, you make a deal with the creator. You are given a life mission to carry out during your stay here. The general goal is to raise the vibrations and frequencies of the Earth as a whole to raise people’s awareness of consciousness. Lots of people across the globe in general are starting to "wake up". We don’t remember our divinity. We have been asleep for a very long time and are now on this mass brink of  this consciousness shift. When this happens it goes hand in hand with the polarity shift on Earth every 36 years.  So welcome to the Age of Aquarious. So this is where we can tell Piscian Age that it’s been real and it’s been fun.. but it ain’t been real fun. Lol. 

 "As above, so below."


 What this ancient symbol means is that our bodies mimic the heavens or cosmos and we mimic it. What happens to us, also happens on some parallel spiritual universe. The micro and the macro will mimic each other exactly. The pattern repeats In everything  This is the knowledge Moses recieved on Mount Siani and what in math is called Fibonacci Sequence.

Your actions now hold a lot more value than you believe.. You have to be a person big enough to understand that we can NOT be selfish any longer. There is so much to learn and so much to change. Let's come together to help wake the others, help change the world, help educate the Earth. The time is at hand.

 I want to explain a few things for people to understand my relationship with God. I am NOT ONE RELGION. I AM ALL OF THEM. I AM SPIRITUAL, RELIGIOUS, I AM HATH I AM.

 Spiritual people usually hate religion and for good reason. Separation is NOT the way. I used to hate religion. After my awakening, I picked up the Bible. Not only the Bible though, The Quran, Buddhism, Hinduism, Black Magic, Classical Mythology, Poetry, Philosophy, Astrology, Etc.

What I discovered was it was all the same exact thing. When I had my awakening, it felt like this overwhelming warm feeling of clairvoyance. Every single song on the radio connected to God. I can't explain it in any other way than that. I felt connection. I realized that every creative outlet of energy in the entire world is the same thing. It doesn't matter what movie you watch, watch song you listen to, or what book you read.. its all His Story or history. Humans have taken Jesus Christ spiritual experience and turned it into whatever the fuck they want. The Bible isn't up for interpretation. You can't change the word of God. If you read the Bible how it was intended, after you've had your awakening, you'll understand Jesus was having his awakening too. We're not praying to a different God in every religion, it's the SAME God. You spiritual experience isn't without God. What Spirit do you have that is causing you to have this experience? We ALL came from THE SAME SOURCE, and if we want to get back to it we have to stop separating ourselves with these bullshit titles for people to get hung up on. We are all from this same beautiful creative energy. The source of your inspiration, the source of everyone's inspiration. So no matter what you call the source, it allowed us to have this experience to find each other again.. to connect, to grow, to find "it's" love, to give that love..