No words.

When the Holy Spirit came to me she came with NO words. She came with just a feeling. Just love. Just unconditional love that connected everything on the radio to God. That connected everything in the entire world with God.


The Spirit came to me with no words— just this overwhelming feeling of love. It didn’t matter if I was on meth. (The day she came I hadn’t smoked for the record— not that I care if you believe me.) It didn’t matter if I was an escort. It didn’t matter. Just like Jesus I hang out with the people society deems as “low”.. killers, pimps & hoes, drug addicts. None of that mattered to God.


When people ask me how I made damn near $150,000 last year and have nothing to show for it— I tell them I gave it away, because I did. To my friends, to acquaintances, to people who I thought loved me, to people who manipulated me in order to get out of me what they could. I don’t regret it at all. I’ve been fucked over by damn near everyone I’ve ever known. It doesn’t matter because I’ve never had a problem surviving. It doesn’t matter because money never meant a damn thing to me. Money is just paper. Money literally grows on trees. It’s nothing. It’s useless.


When the Spirit came I wanted to tell everyone but didn’t know how to do it correctly. Society wasn’t ready for an “atheist” to flip the switch and talk about God so passionately. After I made a live video confessing the Spirit came to me my mother made that awful post saying I was on drugs & had mental illnesses. My entire family abandoned me and said I was crazy. My dad told me no one cares about what I have to say about God. Then why go to church I asked? I don’t remember if he even answered me. They are good people, excellent people actually, and I love them more than words could ever explain. Society just isn’t ready for Jesus, The Spirit, or God. They pretend they are, but they are asleep. Everyone. They don’t get it..


If you fear the Lord it’s because you haven’t repent— and what I mean by repent is ask God for forgiveness but asking God for forgiveness requires NO WORDS. God doesn’t speak in words, God speaks in love. God speaks through your heart. God speaks in this wave of love that washes over you like you’ve just been born into a world where you don’t fit in AT ALL. You become an alien to almost everyone you’ve ever know. You don’t repent in words. You repent with your life— like Jesus did. I am born again. I am a new person. A new being. I am striving to be as God is.

Until the Holy Spirit comes to you than you don’t know what God is. Period. God is Love and sacrifice. Sacrifices that never felt so damn amazing. Saving grace is real.

I will spend the rest of my life trying to better myself everyday. I will spend the rest of my life trying to be better than I was yesterday, I will spend the rest of my life striving for world peace, for heaven on earth.

Being Christian is believing in the son. YOU ARE THE SON. You are the star seed, like Lucifer we have fallen from grace, we are Lucifer and we must make ourselves Holy again, put ourselves back together again, be Jesus again by being reborn.


Finding your twin flame is finding yourself. Connecting your physical body back to the spiritual being you are. You are who you’ve been looking for. Search within your abyss. Look deep within yourself. That’s where God is. God is finding you. Finding the purpose for why we are here which is why we feel from heaven. We had to become our own creators and the only way to do that is to shut ourselves off from his grace and find it again yourself.

Sins of the flesh are when you put these idols (money, cars, clothes) above your fellow man. I’m not saying hand outs to people who don’t deserve it is a good thing— it’s not. People must fall and stand back up on their own but when you have mother fucking mothers or here with three jobs supporting her family, or a 20 something busting their ass to put themselves in college because their parents can’t afford it, or someone who works hard and lost their home in a fire, or someone who had a sudden death and their world was turned upside down— these are the people we must help. These are the people we must give to. People who don’t have their hand out. People who will continue to make the world a more beautiful place. There’s so much spent on homeless but for what? They are homeless because they choose to be. Let’s give to people who are out here trying to feed hungry children, who are trying to start renewable energy programs, and healthy kids programs, and fucking art programs!

God doesn’t come to you with words. You feel that shit deep in your fucking soul. It shakes you to the core and turns your world upside down and rips open your eyeballs to the disgusting and pathetic world we live in. A world where churches take your money and shove it in their own greedy fucking pockets. A world where the government who is suppose to protect us allows people to poison our water. A world where we let Syrian children die at sea trying to escape a fucking war and we slam the doors to our countries, a world that wants to build a fucking wall to keep human beings out, a world where our politicians don’t care and our TVs are manipulated to sell you more shit you don’t need while we let kids starve to death while we sit up in our fancy fucking apartments and snort drugs every weekend and drown out the noise with more booze and all the hookers we can buy while we try to cover up the fact we fucking hate ourselves because we don’t know who the fuck we are and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY CAN FUCKING BUY YOU THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

If one more person tells me how I can use my spiritual blessing to make money I’m going to fucking puke on them. Shove your money up your ass if you think I want it for greedy fucking reasons. Every dollar I’ve ever made I’ve damn near given away. Every drug I’ve ever had I’ve shared, every pack of cigarettes, every night a friend came knocking I let them in and opened my home to them regardless of the circumstance, I opened my cabinet and I fed them if they were hungry.

The world doesn’t need more successful people. The word needs more love. Period. I’m on a mission to bring truth and love back to the world and I will be at war with the nay sayers and the bullshit cheap people forever. Until the government kills me or God takes me back I will do his work because I felt his love.

This is repenting. This is being Christian. This is what God is about. This is Love. ❤️❤️❤️


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